Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The police, including Officer Garret, arrive at school to confiscate Caleb's laptop on suspicion that he has been hacking into secure school files. Caleb attempts to wipe any incriminating evidence A might have planted on it by remotely connecting to his computer. Although he's unable to access his laptop, he does give Hanna his password. Later, he "cooperates" with the police, providing an opportunity for Hanna to wipe the evidence. After working very hard to remember his password, Hanna and Spencer successfully get rid of the classified school files.

Meanwhile, Aria sets up another meeting with Ezra, and finds out that Holden has been competing in martial arts fighting. This is begins to worry her when she finds that he has a serious heart condition. Aria cancels her date with Ezra to confront Holden about his dangerous activities; her actions turn out to rather beneficial because her father was waiting to catch her after being tipped off by a note from A.

Vivian's "friend" meets with Aria and confesses that he was working to find out who was sending Alison anonymous texts. He is upset that Vivian never paid him and offers the girls the same information for $2000.

Source: TV Fanatic

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