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Season 5 - Episode 11: Finally

Original Airdate: TBA
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Casting Call – added 05.24.12

Uh oh. Looks like someone is in trouble. Rhoswen7 over at IMDb just posted a new casting call for True Blood episode 5.11, “Finally”, that sounds pretty bad:

[MALE PRISONER] 20s to 40s, FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED. He is a prisoner in a dire situation. CO-STAR

Is this the prisoner that Gondry is guarding?

Location Photos – added 05.19.12

Casting Call – added 5.12.12

In addition to yesterday’s casting call for True Blood episode 5.11, “Finally”, we have word of several more characters being cast for this episode.

The faeries are making a strong appearance here in this second to last episode of the season. In addition to the Elder Faerie, True Blood is casting an Angry Faerie who gets into an argument with theBelligerant Faerie and the Pissed Off Faerie in a faerie free-for-all. Sounds awesome! They’re also casting a Faerie Boy and a Faerie Girl who get all amorous and excited as they pull Jason into their Faerie Club. Is this proof of Jason’s faerie blood?

Not to be outdone, the vampires are adding new blood as well. There’s Gondry, a Vampire Security Guard who appears to be in his mid-30s. He’s slimy, conniving, and full of amused contempt for his assignment;Bertrand, a swarthy Frenchman who is the Minister of the European Vampire League; a pair of Authority Guards at the prison; and a trio of ravenous, feral, evil looking vampires who travel together – a Teen Girl Vampire, a Biker Vampire, and a Businessman Vampire.

And finally, they’re casting Murphy Rollins, a werewolf in his mid-50s. This strong guy speaks his mind and brings a warning about a new breed of vampires to Alcide and Jackson.

Casting Call – added 05.10.12

The title of this episode is “Finally”. It was written by Angela Robinson and will be directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Filming will take place in L.A. from mid-May through early June. With only one more episode to film after this one, it sounds like they’ll wrap up by the end of June.

Only one character is being cast, so far: an Elder Faerie. They’re looking for an African-American or Caucasian woman in her 40s or older who is both an actor and a dancer. The call requests “star names only”, meaning they’re looking for someone viewers will recognize. I wonder how dancing ties into the plot.


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