Friday, June 29, 2012


Season 5 - Episode 10: Gone, Gone, Gone

Original Airdate: TBA

Casting Call – added 04.26.12
So close to the end of the season, which new characters are being added? What can we glean from their character descriptions? First we have a pair of rednecks at Merlotte’s, Cole and Robbie, who have some big talk about taking down a vampire, but their posturing is quickly neutralized when someone terrorizes and humiliates them.

Professor William O’Connell is a linguistics professor (hey! I study linguistics!) who is presented with an ancient text that he can’t decipher. He decides it’s either a hoax or a prank sent by a rival university. Linguistics is a competitive academic field, you guys.

And finally we have a male Authority Guard Captain. He’s a polite but firm vampire sent to retrieve another vampire’s progeny and escort her someplace else. Did you catch that? The vampire progeny is female. Could this be the same vampire who’s victims litter previous casting calls? Could it be…Tara?


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