Tuesday, July 3, 2012

VD, S3-22: The Departed

On the third season finale of The Vampire Diaries...

- Elijah returned to make a deal with everyone: if they helped him get the stake from Alaric, and gave him Klaus' coffin, he and his family would scatter to the ends of the earth, make it impossible for Alaric to find them and not awaken Klaus until Elena was dead.

But this plan fell apart after a lot of back and forth, with Alaric tracking Damon down to the storage unit with Klaus' body and staking him. He burned away. Klaus really is dead. So why didn't Tyler also die, following an emotional goodbye to Caroline?

Because Bonnie cast a spell, kept Klaus alive - to save those she loved - and put him... inside Tyler's body!

- Elsewhere, Elena flashed back to the day of her car accident. Turns out, she saw Damon first that day and he gave her a big speech about loving he or she who "consumes" you. But he then made her forget it ever happened.

- Fast forward to present day and Rebekah tries to kill Elena via another car accident. It's the only way she can kill Alaric, she figures. Stefan once again swims down to rescue her, but she insists he take Matt first. Stefan does so. But that makes it too late and Elena dies...

... except Meredith had earlier given her vampire blood. So, yes, the episode ended with Elena springing awake!

Source: TV Fanatic

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