Tuesday, July 3, 2012

VD, S2-E14: Crying Wolf

We learned a great deal on this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Such as:

- Elijah plans to kill Klaus only after he sacrifices Elena, as Luka told Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline while under a spell. Luka and his dad are working with Elijah because he's promised to free Luka's sister from Klaus' control. The Original has been taking advantage of witches for centuries in his battle to break the curse.

- Following this intense session of hypnosis, along with a pep talk from Caroline, Bonnie gives in to her feelings and kisses Jeremy.

- Elsewhere on the romantic front, Matt is suspicious of Tyler and Caroline, but Tyler tells him not to worry. Caroline really loves him. We then end the episode with Tyler leaving Mystic Falls with Jules because he needs to get away from all that's recently happened.

- What does this include? The fact that Tyler led Brady to the lake house where Stefan and Elena were staying for the weekend. Fortunately, after Stefan told Tyler about the werewolves' plans to kill Elena, he let his vampire pal recover and save his girlfriend, killing Brady in the process.

- Back at home, Damon was tortured by werewolves seeking the moonstone. He refused to give away its location, until Elijah walked in with it, killed the wolves taking it to Damon and reminded our pal: he's saved his life three times now.

- Meanwhile, John set out to blackmail Alaric. He threatened to tell Jenna all about his past and his hobbies unless he stayed away. He also hinted to Jenna that Alaric has not been honest about his wife.

- Finally, Stefan told Elena her plan to die as part of the sacrifice was not heroic. It was tragic because he has so much life to live.

Source: TV Fanatic

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