Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spoiler (Pretty Little Liars) S3-E5

"That Girl is Poison"
Season 3 - Episode 5

Jenna suddenly reveals to everyone that she can see again and tops off her announcement with invitations to a Mad-Hatter themed birthday party. The liars are suspicious of her timing, especially when they find out that Garrett is being let out of prison that same night to visit his dying mother. Emily is forced to attend the party by her boss who needs some extra waitresses. She invites Paige along since the party interferes with their plans to catch a movie, but Paige gets unruly when she drinks alcohol from Emily's flask. After an accident at the party, Emily takes Paige to the doctor for stitches and they discover that she was also drugged with a powerful sleeping pill. Aria arrives at Jenna's party with Ezra, using the opportunity to get close to photographer Laurel so that she can gain access to the photography studio where Lucas's camera is being held hostage. She takes items from his camera bag, including photo negatives and the same sleeping pills found in Paige's system, which were probably used to drug Emily the night Ali's body was stolen. Meanwhile, Hanna finds Emily's jacket from that same night in a charity clothing drive at the church. And Spencer finds a note that Garrett left with his mother, which says "April Rose has the proof."

Source: TV Fanatic

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