Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This section tells you everything you need to know about going to a London 2012 sports event or ceremony – including how to get to venues, what you can and can't bring in, accessibility information, and tips to help make your Olympic experience as memorable as possible. You’ll also find general advice on visiting London and the UK

And don't forget: download the official Join In mobile app for all the information you need to have a great Games.

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are on sale on the London 2012 ticketing website and by phone on a first come, first served basis, using Visa only. Tickets can be collected at London 2012 box offices

Here are our top 5 tips on how to have a great Olympic Games:

l. Be prepared for security checks when you arrive: this will be like taking an international flight at an airport. It will be busy and you will have to queue, so get there early – check your venue information for your recommended arrival time.

2. Bring as little as possible with you: the more you bring, the longer it will take to go through security. One small soft-sided rucksack or handbag is allowed per person – this must fit under your seat. If you have a ticket for Football, we strongly suggest you do not bring a bag – if you do, your entry will be delayed and you may miss your event.

3. Read the lists of prohibited and restricted items for your venue before you leave: you cannot bring in liquids over 100ml*, including water – but at most venues you can bring an empty plastic water bottle and fill it up at water points inside venues. There is a wide range of food available to buy, but if you need to bring your own food, it must fit inside your bag.

4. Leave plenty of time to travel to your venue: London and the UK will be extremely busy and very different to what you’re used to. Use the spectator journey planner to find the best route and, where necessary, book your travel to make sure you get to your event on time. Ticket holders for events in and around London can use their Games Travelcard for travel in London zones 1-9.

5. Remember the only way to pay is by Visa (debit, credit or prepaid card) or cash: read about the services and facilities available in your venue

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