Monday, July 23, 2012

True Blood Latest Episode 9 of Season 5

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
Airdate: Summer 2012

Season 5 - Episode 9
Additional Casting Call – added 05.02.12

A few weeks back we posted the casting call for episode 5.09, titled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. It was very Alcide-heavy with a little Andy and creepy vampires thrown into the mix. Today, thanks to Roswen7 at IMDb, we have one more to add to the casting call for this episode.

Casting on Faerie, Female Caucasian, early to late 20s. She’s described as “radiantly beautiful and British”. This could also turn into a recurring role.

So, is Andy recalling what happened in the woods that night from last season? Is this his faerie?

Casting Call – added 04.03.12

We’re flashing back again, but this time it’s to Alcide’s past! True Blood is casting a young Alcide (age 14) and a young Debbie Pelt (also age 14). The young, “innocent” teens will be joined by Jackson, Alcide’s father, seen both in flashback and in the present (so I guess J.D. isn’t Alcide’s father). Jackson is described as “a giant of a man, powerful and inspiring and heroic” when we see him in the 1980s, but in present day he’s a sad man in his 50s who’s given up on life. Jackson will be a recurring guest star.

Present-day action requires a male, Marilyn Manson-esque vampire in his 20s-40s and a sexy female vampire in her 20s. The casting call doesn’t give Faux Marilyn Manson any context, but his female counterpart is a customer at Fangtasia.

True Blood is also casting a reporter who interrogates Andy outside the Sheriff’s Office about…something.

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