Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S2-E7: Surface Tension

On this week's episode:

- AWKWARD! Aria's parents throw a dinner party that includes Ezra and Jason. But it gets interrupted when Mike gets arrested for breaking into a house. When Aria later confronts her brother over it, she finds an item that belongs to Jenna. Mike says he got it at Garrett's house, causing Aria to suspect the two of them are working together. She texts this to Spencer... just as she's talking to Garrett! That's how the episode ends.

- Caleb opened up to Hanna about his past of helping car jackers.

- Toby dug up an old field hockey stick, one Spencer had let Alison borrow. It might be the murder weapon, but Spencer's dad burned it. It's unclear if he actually thinks Spencer is guilty, but he just wants the entire thing behind the family.

Source: TV Fanatic

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