Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S2-E5: The Devil You Know

Emily made a major discovery on this episode: A wrote Ian's suicide note. She figured it out because the words in it were all taken from previous A texts. Wow!


- Hanna gave in to temptation and kissed Caleb after helping him with his foster mother.

- Aria grew irritated over how her relationship with Ezra was still a secret. The two weren't open about it with her parents or with Jackie. She also got close to Jason, who admitted he had no memory of the night Alison died. Moreover, someone stuck a note in his pocket saying "I know what you did." He feels good now that Ian owned up to the murder, but we all know differently: A made up that confession.

- Melissa told Spencer she was having a girl, and was about to reveal another secret... when she saw Spencer had Ian's cellphone. She thinks Spencer was the one sending her all those texts.

- We learned that Garret is still working with Jenna.

- Mike admitted he wanted his parents to keep fighting and that he broke in to all those garages.

- There was a funeral for Ian.

But did he kill A? It appears not. The girls were lured to Alison's grave to close the episode, only for a projector to play the video that was taken from Emily's computer. It depicted A alive after Ian left.

Source: TV Fanatic

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