Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S2-E3: My Name Is Trouble

Here's what went down on the latest episode:

- Melissa was unable to locate her ring, but Spencer found it and pawned it in exchange for cash that she used to buy Toby a truck. She really wanted him to stop working at Jason's house, especially after she saw a shadowy figure in his window.

- At the end of the hour, the girls followed Melissa and saw it meet up with... Wren?!? He gave her some bag.

- Aria started to take a pottery class at Ezra's college. Jenna also happened to be in the class and was not happy at all when she learned Aria had been lying about her name in an attempt to stay away from her.

- Emily wrote a note and pretended it was from Danby, offering her a full ride. But she tore it up and tossed it out - only for A to somehow find the note, write it up again and send it to her mother. As a result, it looks like Emily is staying in Rosewood.

- Hanna actually got on board with her dad and mom reconnecting and deleted a message from her dad's fiancee. She also helped set up Lucas with a girl and learned Caleb is living with him.

Source: TV Fanatic

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