Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S2-E15: A Hot Piece of 'A'

After finding A's lost cell phone, the girls decide (despite Hanna's objections) to have Caleb check the phone for any incriminating information. Sadly, the only thing Caleb can recover before A turns off the phone is a picture of the creepy dolls. It seems like a dead end until Spencer notices that the wallpaper in the background of the photo indicates that the picture was taken at her family's lake house.

Meanwhile, Aria's parent's tell her she can no longer see Ezra, and, after a tense conversation with her father, Ezra agrees that Aria shouldn't call him anymore. Also, Jenna and Garrett are fighting, causing Jenna to leave for eye surgery in Boston alone.

Emily begins working at crisis hotline to complete her community service and notices a certain male caller may be involved with A. Emily and Spencer are convinced the caller is Lucas, and they try to warn Hanna. However, she has already left with Lucas to set up the fireworks for Caleb's surprise party. When Lucas stops rowing in the middle of the lake and angrily tosses the fireworks into the water, Hanna gets nervous and knocks him out of the boat before swimming to safety. Lucas doesn't return to the shore.

Source: TV Fanatic

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