Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S1-E16: Je Suis Une Amie

On this episode of Pretty Little Liars...

- Spencer volunteers to tutor Toby in French because maybe the two of them can figure out who has been setting them out, but Toby eventually tells Spencer it's not a good idea and gives her a book back. Inside it? A note that says she could be right, Jenna might be playing some kind of role.

- Aria witnesses her parents making out.

- Hanna grows closer to Caleb, who had been living at school because he has a messy foster parent situation. She also comes clean to Aria about what A forced her to do - regarding the museum ticket and her mom last week - placing these two in a major fight.

- Emily actually bonds with Paige, who misses a swim meet due to a bike accident and apologizes to her rival. Emily tries to help Paige re-discover her love for swimming.

- Melissa tells Spencer she's pregnant, and also that Ian told her the truth about what happened between him and Spencer that summer.

Source: TV Fanatic

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