Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PLL, S1-E10: Keep Your Friends Close

What a summer finale! The following took place on it...

- Desperate for money, Hanna's mom stole from the lock box of a bank client.

- Hanna got disowned by Mona as a friend because A texted her with the lie that Hanna got liposuction. As a result, Hanna was also disinvited to Mona's birthday party, which took place on campgrounds.

- We learned that Spencer once made out with Melissa's boyfriend, Ian. Alison witnessed this. But Spencer and Melissa at least made up on this episode, as the latter even went out for coffee with Ian, who is back and working at the school.

- The FBI got involved when a tape of Alison was found. In it, she's talking to someone holding a camera and teasing him about wanting to kiss her. She's also wearing a sweater we later learn to be Toby's. He actually also returns and talks to Emily before Mona's party. He said, yes, he gave Alison that sweater the night she died - but, no, he didn't kill her. He told Emily he'd be waiting behind the church for a ride out of town - and, later on, the cops arrive there to arrest him because the sweater was found with Alison's blood on it. Did Emily turn him in?

- Emily's dad returns. And Emily's mom is sent pictures of Emily kissing Mya.

- The rest of the girls went to the party because A said there would be a scavenger hunt there that would lead to her/her identity. Hanna waited outside in the woods with binoculars. She spotted Aria and Ezra making out in the car, as the latter apologized to the former for his behavior. She also spotted A writing "I see you" on the windshield and then running off. She texted Emily and Spencer, saying she knew A's identity. During this time, those two gals found an inscription on a tree in the park. It reads: Alison Loves Ian.

- As Spencer and Emily went to meet Hanna in the parking lot, she was run down by a car. She's down and not breathing, as the girls scream and get a text from A. It reads: "She knew too much."

During the closing credits, we see Alison turn the camera around and she was, indeed, talking to Ian.

Source: TV Fanatic

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