Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's Boot and Rally (recap)

Sookie: “Onward into the jaws of death!”

Gross out bodies in the asylum, burned bodies in the war zone, all those victims hanging in the morgue waiting for Russell to eat them, the unfortunate Luna and a decapitated Jesus? This might have been the darkest (or possibly the weirdest) episode they’ve ever done.

But there’s something sort of hilarious about a committee slash SWAT team composed of two vampires, a werewolf, and a mind-reading fairy. (And Doug.) I have to say I’m really enjoying Sookie these past few episodes. The opener with her vomiting on Alcide’s shoes (couldn’t she have waited until he took his pants off?) followed by both of her exes showing up at the bedroom door and her seeing all three of them barking like dogs was a hoot. I also liked Sookie using her mind-reading powers to track down Russell Edgington, with all three of her honeys trailing behind her.

(Do I think those iStakes will kick in? Somehow, I don’t think the producers of True Blood are ready to kill off both of their male leads simultaneously, so no.)

As I mentioned last week, I am now on board with the Tara reboot. It’s fun symmetry that she’s now tending bar at Fangtasia (I guess she has to work somewhere), and the way she connected with Jessica over their shared unwillingly-turned experience was cool. At least until Tara accepted Hoyt’s invitation. So much for that budding vampire friendship. I guess Jessica still cares about Hoyt.

The other big plot element was the masked guys who are apparently trying to wipe out the supe community, probably with supplies from the Stake House that we saw earlier this season. They actually FIRED ON A LITTLE GIRL just because she’s a little puppy werewolf, not to mention her unarmed mother and our very own Sam. They knew Luna, Sam and Emma were shifters. Suzanne and Emery, too. Damn, I rather liked Luna. What’s going to happen to Emma?

And how does it relate to Jason’s vision that his parents were killed by vampires? Or does it? Jason was seeing vampire fang wounds in Suzanne and Emery that weren’t there. Was this a bit of fairy magic? I was a bit surprised that Jason and Andy woke up naked (thankfully, not with each other) and unharmed after their fairy-zapping. How does that work? Did the fairies take them home, strip them, and pop them into bed?

I’m happy that Russell is finally in the picture. His “storage locker” was sort of funny, sort of upsetting. Doug remembered that Russell’s accomplice was a woman wearing the same necklace that the Authority counselors wear, so that makes the Authority traitor possibilities limited. I still think it has to be Salome, but now I’m starting to wonder. Eric said he never told Nora about what he and Bill did to Russell. But then Eric looked apprehensive. Nora certainly does act convincingly fanatical.

So there’s a vial of the original Lilith’s blood in the shrine. I’m betting it gets used somehow by the end of the season.

Bits and pieces:

– We got a brief and disturbing minute or two with Lafayette praying for deliverance and getting a not-so-fun response from his (or Jesus’s) voodoo altar. And then Jesus’s disembodied head showed up with his mouth sewn shut. (I hated seeing Jesus that way.) Lafayette’s crazy mother understood what Jesus was trying to say. More Alfre, please.

– As soon as Terry and his buddy left their old friend, the nut, tied up in the bunker, I knew the guy was toast. We do know now that it’s a fire monster called an “ifrit”.

– “Babcock Hospital” is a famous building in L.A. that has been used in numerous movies and television shows, including Buffy.

– Speaking of Buffy, like Spike, Tara can now smoke as much as she wants. And as quickly as she wants.

– The shots of Russell being carried into the hospital were also gross. His skull was visible. Dan said he looked like Voldemort.

– Roman doesn’t believe the vial contains the actual blood of Lilith. Won’t he be surprised.

– Mike the coroner (John Billingsley from Star Trek: Enterprise) was back. Always nice to see him. I got to interview him in his trailer at Paramount once, and he’s a fun and very smart man in real life.

– Not that he looks bad or anything, but how many Andy nude scenes are we going to get this season? I much prefer Jason in superhero pajamas.

– In this week’s hair report, Jessica’s flirtation with weird braids appears to be over. Unfortunately, she’s moved on to headbands.

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