Friday, July 27, 2012

Heroes, S3-E7: Eris Quod Sum

We're sorry to say it, but we didn't care for this Heroes episode at all. The reasons why might come through in the following character-by-character recap...

Hiro/Ando: Yes, these two are STILL hanging out in Africa. Didn't they learn anything by keeping him in Japan for so long last season? Because Hiro refuses to go back in time, he eats some paste the weird African guru makes - in order to go on a spirit walk and discover how he can save the world - and quickly passes out. This is actually how the episode ends.

Parkman: Daphne is ordered to kill him by Arthur Petrelli (who kills Parkman's father in the episode). However, she can't go through with it and these two possibly future lovers end up teaming up and going after Pinehearst. So we think. Late in the hour, we overhear a phone call in which Daphne tells Arthur that the plan is working: Parkman thinks she is on his side. Daphne does seem unsure about this double cross, at least.

Claire: Claire enters her house to see Elle there waiting. Apparently, she's short circuiting and needs help. Because Daphne, evidently, had handed Elle the card for Pinehearst, she went to the Bennets in search of HRG to ask about that organization. (Seriously, why bring Elle back? This show has enough characters!). Eventually, Claire and Elle end up at the Pinehearst facility... where Claire leaves before entering in order to take care of Peter (more on that later), but Elle goes inside in hopes of the company curing her of her power.

Mohinder: Mohinder agrees to work with Arthur and Pinehearst in order to perfect their formula. He also bids goodbye to Maya, who was somehow still alive, taken to the building by Mohinder and then cured of her ability. This made little sense, but at least Maya does appear to be gone for good. Finally.

Nathan/Tracy: They receive help from HRG at Mohinder's lab/lair. But Nathan soon gets a call from Claire, asking him to come quickly because Peter is in trouble. We also learn that Tracy received money for over a year from Pinehearst as a consultant for the biotech company.

Sylar/Peter: Peter's powers are gone, and he's about to be injected with something by Mohinder. But Sylar comes to the rescue because Angela made it clear he has to save his brother. As soon as Sylar does, though, Arthur convinces him that Angela actually tried to kill Gabriel as a baby because she saw into his evil future. This seems to turn Sylar bad again, as he throws Peter out a window.

But Peter survives. And he thinks Sylar cushioned his blow with his powers and that Sylar is still trying to work with Peter. It's confusing. At the end, though, Claire, Tracy, Nathan and Peter are beginning to form a plan to take down the villains.

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