Monday, July 2, 2012

Glee, S3-E22: Goodbye

Mr. Shuester gives the glee club one last assignment--say goodbye. The seniors pass the torch to the club's remaining members and the underclassmen bid the seniors a fond farewell.

Mercedes gets a recording contract as a back-up singer, Puck passes his geography test, and Santana decides to go to New York to pursue music instead of Kentucky. Brittany doesn't graduate.

Rachel, Finn, and Kurt open their college acceptance letters together. Finn and Kurt are denied admission while Rachel is accepted to NYADA. On what Rachel thinks is their wedding day, Finn takes her to the train station and breaks up with her, telling her that she has to go to New York to see her dreams come true. He has joined the Army to try and make things right for his late father's memory.

Rachel arrives in New York.

Source: TV Fanatic

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