Monday, July 2, 2012

Glee, S3-E19: Prom-asaurus

Principal Figgins issues Brittany an ultimatum: Plan an amazing prom or the office of student body president will no longer exist. Brittany chooses "dinosaurs" as the prom theme and declares a ban on hair gel, much to Blaine's chagrin.

Quinn and Santana receive nominations for prom queen while Finn and Brittany receive nominations for king. Quinn has made progress in physical therapy and can stand on her own and take a few unassisted steps. She and Joe plan to keep this a secret until prom night when Quinn plans to walk to accept the crown should she win.

Quinn and Finn decide to campaign for king and queen together which hurts Rachel's feelings. She, Kurt, and Blaine decide to organize an anti-prom in protest. Finn decides to attend the prom with Quinn because he feels bad for her situation. When he sees her standing up in the bathroom during the dance and realizes she's been lying to everyone, he leaves to be with Rachel at the anti-prom.

Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Blaine decide to leave the anti-prom and go back to the real prom. Puck and Becky Jackson stay behind. Soon, however, Puck learns of Becky's desire to be prom queen, declares her the queen of the anti-prom, and escorts her back to McKinley where she helps him spike Sue's punch making both of their high school dreams come true.

Quinn and Santana have been assigned to count the ballots for prom king and queen and learn that Finn has won king and Quinn has won queen. Quinn and Santana decide to name Rachel prom queen as a write-in nominee.

Source: TV Fanatic

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