Monday, July 2, 2012

Glee, S3-E13: Heart

Rachel and Finn thwarted the former's fathers' plan this week, as they tried to use reverse psychology to discourage the pair from getting married. Instead, they were closer than ever by the end of the episode and announced a wedding to come in May.


- Mercedes announced she had broken up with Shane, but couldn't be with Sam because it made her feel too guilty over her infidelity.

- Karofsky told Kurt he thought he loved him, and another student at Karofsky's school saw them together.

- Samuel Larson from The Glee Project appeared as a Christian student named Joe. He overcame his prejudice, though, and led the God Squad in a rendition of "Cherish" at the end of episode, dedicated from Santana to Brittany.

Source: TV Fanatic

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