Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-Girl, Season 5 - Episode 2: Beauty and the Feast

The second episode of Gossip Girl's hotly anticipated fifth season. Synopsis of "Beauty and the Feast":
Charlie/Ivy keeps trying to ditch Serena, who simply won't let her. S won't take a hint and talks "Charlie" into returning to the UES with her, since her "job" apparently will be there now.

Diana Payne tracks down Nate. They have sex outdoors. She wants to do a story on his mom for the New York Spectator, then gives him an internship. Ulterior motives abound for sure.

Blair is pregnant. Dorota figures it out. Louis' sister Beatrice visits and sets out to ruin their engagement so SHE can be #1 in their parents' eyes. She suspects B is bulimic.

Because she has to pee/get sick like all the time, being preggers and all, Blair unknowingly plays into this perception. Beatrice eventually learns the truth, but decides that since her family wants a grandchild, it won't be enough to ruin her. But she vows to find another way. She also makes out with the priest for some reason.

Chuck is unable to feel pain and paying dudes to fight him. Dan needs help stopping the publication of his book and enlists his help.

(Source: TV Fanatic)

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