Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-Girl, Season 4 - Episode 16: While You Weren't Sleeping

This week on Gossip Girl:
Blair unraveled at work, trying to keep her whole life together on little or no sleep. She crashed, burned and ended up at the loft with Dan.4

Chuck and Lily buried the hatchet, duping Russell into thinking they were still feuding. She then flirted with Russell while Chuck broke into the Thorpe's office, revealing his plans to sell the company and who is financing the deal. For now, the deal is on hold.

Nate was tasked with keeping Raina busy during Chuck's espionage. Nate enticed her to skip a lunch date with Ivanka Trump with some video games and weed.

On his 18th birthday, Eric was blackmailed into becoming a drug mule for Damien, whose smuggled cocaine was waiting in packages of pink tulips that he couldn't get himself because of his father's watchful eye.

Due to various mishaps, the wrong stuff is picked up and Damien crashes Eric’s party wanting $100,000 to pay off his clients or else he'll unveil the secret of Lily’s forged affidavit. But Ben tells Damien he refuses to cooperate and that's that.

Spurned, Damien shows up to Russell Thorpe's office and wants to form an alliance against the Van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey alliance.

Vanessa showed up for some reason.

(Source: TV Fanatic)

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