Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-Girl, Season 4 - Episode 14: Panic Roommate

Chuck is trying to work Raina. Not just sexually, but so she'll thwart the sale of Bass Industries somehow. But it seems that Chuck might have really fallen for her.

It's hard to tell what's truth and what's an act at this point.

Blair wants Epperly to get off her back at work by getting on her own back. As in get laid. Naturally, she hopes Nate is up to the task. But Epperly leaves anyway.

Serena and Ben kiss at the end. They may be getting together.

Dan, Eric and Damien schemed to rid the Upper East Side of Ben. While that didn't end up working out, it was a pretty dastardly idea to try to get his parole revoked.

Damien finally got what was coming to him in the end, as his dad might cut him off.

Nate was largely irrelevant as usual.

(Source: TV Fanatic)

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