Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-Girl, Season 4 - Episode 1: Belles de Jour

Nate and Serena's falling out last season sent her off to Paris with Blair, while Nate decided to take some pages from Chuck’s little black book. That plan to dull the pain is working fairly well, until he realizes it's not working all that well.

Intriguingly, the catalyst for that realization is Juliet Sharp, who he meets while romancing one of Chuck's ex-flames in a restaurant, and who is later revealed to be working with Eleanor in promoting Fashion's Night Out.

There's definitely chemistry there, and a whole lot more. We learn that Juliet has a plan ... as for what it is, that remains to be seen!

As for Serena and Blair, the former is living it up in Paris, while the latter feels, as usual, that she's stuck in S' shadow, even in her adopted homeland.

Serena is pondering who to give her heart to when she returns to the Upper East Side: Dan or Nate? There's also the matter of her getting into Columbia, and what Blair will do when she finds out that her issues with S will manifest themselves yet again.

Blair meets a dashing young prince, who later turns out to be just the prince's driver ... or does he? Meanwhile, there's the elephant in the room: Chuck.

He's alive, although he may or may not know who he is. He was rescued in Prague by Eva (Clemence Poesy) and they have moved to Paris together to start their own life. He is going by the name of Henry.

Jenny is not around, having fled to Hudson after her banishment by Blair, following the events that indirectly triggered Chuck's shooting and Blair's Paris trip.

Georgina Sparks is around, however, as is her son, Milo. Dan is the father ... or so we are led to believe. No one knows this yet, including Rufus! Sacre bleu!

Eventually, Vanessa finds out the truth ... and they awkwardly begin raising Milo together. But is it really Dan's baby? G says yes, but even D doesn't know.

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