Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-Girl, Season 3 - Episode 15: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Serena pointed out that Rufus was driving Jenny right into Damien's arms. But what else could he have done?

Once it was confirmed at the beginning of the episode that Jenny came back home and was grounded, it was pretty clear that she would lie to her father and meet up with Damien.

However, it turns out Jenny would agree to sleep with Damien but would decide not to at the last minute.

Nate and Serena worked to make sure she would do the right thing and had some great scenes together in the process.

Lily and Rufus
They are back together, and it turns out Rufus did not cheat on Lily.

Just the same, Lily lied about her trip at the end of the episode.

It looks like Serena's father is involved in Lily's mother's recovery.

But if Lily only sees him to help her mother, why hide it from Rufus?

Could it be that the medical tests involve Lily somehow?

Chuck, Blair, Elizabeth and Jack
Chuck is sued for sexual harassment by hotel employees right around the time that a big event for Bart's honor is being planned.

The board encourages him to step down to keep the PR good. He has a DNA test done on Elizabeth, who he agrees to let take over.

Oh, and Jack Bass is back, baby. The DNA test comes back a match, and despite his warnings to Chuck, Jack was in on it.

Now that we know that Jack has been working with Elizabeth in order to get control of the hotel, but the rest of the details are unclear.

(Source: TV Fanatic)

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